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Default Re: sgfxi: Debian, Ubuntu, Arch, Fedora working?

sgfxi just underwent a major update, which should benefit nvidia users.

I added two new options:
-k ( to build only a kernel module using existing installed nvdia driver, installed from run package, using sgfxi). Does not reinstall driver, simply builds module if no module was present for that kernel.
sgfxi -k
-k can be used in conjunction with -K <kernel to install to> to build a module for a new kernel you have installed or want to boot into, and with -o, which lets you build a module for any nvidia driver supported by sgfxi.
sgfxi -k -K 2.6.33-0.dmz.2-liquorix-686
sgfxi -k -K 2.6.33-0.dmz.2-liquorix-686 -o 190.53
-! 40 - loops through all detected kernels and builds modules for them, as in -k, carries out tests on each to make sure it works.
-! 40 can be used in conjunction with -o <driver override> as well, if you want to keep an older driver but create modules for it for your other kernels.
sgfxi -! 40
sgfxi -! 40 -o 190.53
-k and -! 40 basically bypass most of the rest of sgfxi, no cleanup, post install cleanup, or xorg.conf tweaks.

I also changed the default script behavior for nvidia to first check to see if only a kernel module rebuild is required before proceeding to the driver build. This is overridable using the -f option, force driver install, bypass module check/build. That will remove / cleanup all previous drivers.
sgfxi -f
Issues that will take some more work are confirming and testing the kms/nouveau stuff, the tests and fixes are in for fedora 12, but things are changing fast so they might need to be updated. If you don't have nouveau active at all in kernel, these issues will not affect you at all.

dkms handling is also not as neat and clean as it could be, due to the odd way dkms is built in terms of aquiring the remove data. sgfxi will probably need some more robust methods there to make the dkms removals more clean. Fedora akmod packages are not a problem, they work smoothly as expected, no issues I've found removing them.

I didn't note in the first post, sgfxi checks for and installs all required packages / tools before starting, like kernel headers, gcc version for your kernel, install tools.

# install latest beta driver (checks live driver version file to confirm latest
sgfxi -B
# beta with composite enabled
sgfxi -Bc
# beta with composite, skip xorg.conf update
sgfxi -BCc
# default driver for your card, checks and applies legacy version automatically
# override to other than default
sgfxi -o 190.53

# show current drivers supported (live file from script server)
sgfxi -L d
# show nvidia install status
sgfxi -L n
Please post any feedback in script forums, if you have any.

Hope this is of use to people, thanks.

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