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Default Re: Flash acceleration on Linux?


True, and that's why I put a question mark in there - however I hope Nvidia will work with Adobe to create accelerated Flash anyway - after all, without it flash performance on ION based Netbooks on Linux will suffer, and I think this is important to Nvidia - at least I hope so.

As for VDPAU itself - IMHO it is excellent thing to have this days. Most cheaper laptops are not fast enough to decode FullHD on CPU, however with VDPAU even my poor GeForce 9100M can decode FullHD without a problem, with minimal CPU usage . I must say I would love to see some PCI card (YES PCI not PCI-E) with VDPAU on board, it would allow us to transform many old PCs to FullHD capable media centers - why, oh why Nvidia stopped the production of PCI cards? Or maybe there is a card I don't know about ?
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