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Default dual screen problem with GTX280M

Hi, I just recieved a new laptop (Clevo M980NU). The graphic card is a GTX280M (M for mobile edition). I am using windows 7 on this computer. I am trying to use an external screen plugged on the DVI port but I am having troubles.
I downloaded the latest driver from nVIdia today and installed it.

- First I tried a screen that does not have a DVI input, so I had to use a VGA/DVI adaptator. The screen is detected, but the resolution is wrong. The only resolution I can choose for the external display is 1920x1080, which is the resolution of my laptop screen. The actual resolution of the external display is 1440x900 but it is not detected. The picture on the external display is of course completly destroyed with this incorrect resolution (I am actually surprised that something is displayed at all). To make things worse, if I press the "detect" button in the display settings of windows 7, the main display switches to the external screen and the integrated screen of my laptop is not detected anymore...

- Then I tried a screen that has a DVI input, hopping that the problem was linked to the use of a VGA/DVI adaptator. The screen is simply never detected! Just to be sure, I used another screen with a DVI input from my work and the result was the same: not detected!

I'd like to know if someone has experienced the same issues. It would help me determine if it is a software or hardware problem. Thank you in advance.
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