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Default Re: Need info from GeForceFX owners!!

Originally posted by XanderF
Now, the thing is...I *need* to know if FSAA works in both "The Longest Journey" and "Grim Fandango". I know it does in the GeForce4 Ti series, and I know it does NOT in any ATI card....but I have no knowledge of the FX cards.

Any info would be appreciated!
Erm... Grim Fandango isn't "3D Acellerated", as far as I know. Yes, it uses DX Direct Draw, but it's "pre-rendered" stuff "simulating" real-time 3D.

Not sure why FSAA would work on a Geforce 4 and not on a ATi, unless ATi doesn't do FSAA on 2D... which Grim Fandago "technically" is 2D.

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