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The strange thing is that I called BestBuy twice yesterday, once around noon, the second time later in the afternoon. The first time I got someone who sounded quite a bit younger, and the person went, looked, came back, told me they didn't have it yet, but were due to get some in on a truck later in the day. When I called back an older person answered. This person said that they hadn't got any in yet, but that their first shipment was due in on Monday (a shipment of 40 copies), and that they had an additional 20 due in on Tuesday..

Guess I'll call again this morning sometime (I have to see what time they open too). Maybe the younger guy was right, or maybe he just meant they were due a shipment of software (not looking at specific titles to see if the UT2003 was in that), and the older guy actually took the time to look at their computer's list of titles due in on each shipment. I really want this game, but I guess if it's not in yet, it's okay, because I have two lawnmowers to work on anyhow.
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