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Originally posted by XanderF
The backgrounds in Grim Fandango and The Longest Journey aren't 3d, no, but the character models are.
Uhm... no.

It's all pre-rendered, including the "character models". All the "3D Accelleration Option" does is filter the textures, which still needs to be done in a 2D invironment simulating 3D. There are no "Polygons in 3D space" drawn.


Graphics: Grim Fandango is the first LucasArts adventure game to include fully 3D rendered characters and backgrounds. Like many more recent titles, the in-game graphics transition is perfectly blended into the cut-scenes. This consistent use of graphics in both the cut scenes and gameplay keeps the Land of the Dead very cohesive. Direct3D is supported and produces slightly smoother textures and improves game performance. It should be noted that hardware 3D acceleration is unnecessary--the software rendered version of game already looks fantastic. Of course, Grim Fandango only looks that much better running in 3D accelerated mode.
"fully 3D rendered characters and backgrounds" = Pre-rendered

I used to have a more specific link that described the technology, but I can't find it anymore.

I Hope that helps, tho


EDIT: I don't know about The Longest Journey.
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