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Originally posted by XanderF
There seems to be some confusion on your end, but I'm not sure from where.

In any case, all the nVidia cards I've tried to date most certainly DO anti-alias the character models' edges, and the ATI cards do not.

I can post screenshots tonight if you are really having a problem following this.
There's also some confusion on your end, as well.

Grim Fandango is NOT drawing 3D Polygons.

Yes, My Geforce Series cards DO anti-Alias 2D. You can tell this by blurred fonts on "2D gui huds" in 3D games. (Especially small fonts)

I don't KNOW if ATi AA's 2D or not. I suspect not, if it's not AA'ing Grim Fandango. If ATi does NOT AA 2D DirectDraw/D3D calls, that should prove Grim Fandango is really 2D.

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