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Originally posted by XanderF
Please read the Gamesdomain review of the game.

They mention at least twice that the game IS rendering 3d models in either software or 3d mode, depending on your choice.
That still reads as "pre-rendered" characters, to me. Just because the say "Static backgrounds with 3D Characters" and use the words "Camera", doesn't make it "actual 3D rendered". I wish I could find the link that stated for a fact that it's ALL pre-rendered. Basically the character "models" are Hi-res, pre-rendered sprites, that react to your "view angle" and control, according to what I've read before.

Mebee someone that knows the devs could set us straight.

Originally posted by XanderF
The problem with ATI's anti-aliasing in these two games is that they are 16-bit color games. ATI's anti-aliasing algorith can not do ANYTHING with 16-bit games. What the Catalyst driver does in several cases (of popular 16-bit color games) is convert the 16-bit color calls into 32-bit color calls, which they can then anti-alias appropriately.

These two games they have not seen fit to 'fix', and, as this has been complained about for over a year now, it doesn't seem likely they ever will.
Well... that may be true too... I don't know the specifics of ATi's tech.... still learning.

Originally posted by Solomon
Isn't Grim Fandango DX7 ?

Originally posted by Solomon
Grim Fandango is 3D rendered. What type of 3D is another story. Even some Neo-Geo games render 3D backgrounds while the Characters are 2D. A game can render 3D via software or hardware, but it might be rendering the 3D models differently then how you see it in todays games.

D. Solomon Jr.
That's what I'm trying to say... it's all pre-rendered pasted on to 2D, with some very BASIC 3D calls, as far as what I've read in the past. Hell... maybe they were wrong... but it makes sense when you actually play the game. Need to hunt down one of the devs and ask them for sure.



EDIT: Now you guys got me way curious... Breaking out my Grim Fandango Box and installing. LOL!

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