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Default Re: FreeBSD-amd64 driver ?

Originally Posted by rhurlin View Post
Yes, I can confirm last posting from zander@ with his hint to Jonathan Chen@.

I use exactly the same machine like Gnusix@: Dell D630 with 4GB and Quadro NVS 135M.

Because of a bug in the BIOS you have to set "debug.acpi.disabled=1" in /boot/loader.conf, reboot and all should work :-)
@Zander, thanks for the link it did the trick with my nvidia card. I'd like to ask, will the driver work with AMD64/HEAD ?

@rhurlin : setting the mib you said did not work for me. I Don't know why but it keeps failing. I checked it with another D630 a fellow at work has and doesn't work too. Different bios revisions (mine has A03, the other has A15).

Anyway, setting what the link Zander sent breaks others things, like cardbus handling. It causes a conflict (didn't googled). Will check it sometime in the future.

Thansk !
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