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Default Re: First benchmarks of GTX 470

Originally Posted by AT1st View Post
Heise got their hands on the first benchmarks of a pre-version of the GTX470 today on cebit.
The whole article can be found here:

3DMark Vantage (X-Mode): 7511 Points
Radeon HD 5870: 8730 Points
HD 5850: 6430 Points
GeForce GTX 285: 6002 Points

Performance-Mode: 17156
Radeon HD 5870: 17303
Radeon HD 5850: 14300

Unigine-Benchmarks (DirectX 11 & Tessellation):
GeForce GTX 470: 29 fps
Radeon HD 5870: 27 fps
HD 5850: 22 fps

with 8x AA:
GeForce GTX 470: 20 fps
Radeon HD 5870: 23 fps
Radeon HD 5850: 19 fps

Shader: 1255 MHz
GDDR5 Ram: 1600 MHz (Read-Write-Clock)

So rather disappointing I guess...
If there's any truth to that it means nVidia's 2nd tier part will compete with ATi's. The 480 will have to compete with the 5970. However, at that point nVidia isn't leaving themselves a lot of room for a dual GPU part. Maybe they don't plan one this gen?
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