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Default Re: First benchmarks of GTX 470

Originally Posted by fivefeet8 View Post
The original G80 uses 2x6 pin power connectors, was built on the 90 nm process, and was about 680 million transistors. Nvidia moved to the 65 nm node with the introduction of the G9x series. In any case, whether or not a refresh could or can alleviate unconfirmed issues with Fermi is anyones guess.

My bad,i confused it with the GT200,sorry.

In any case,it's been proven that with the last 3 major GPU releases from Nvidia,they like to do large die on all of them(G80,GT200 and now Fermi)....That in itself isn't bad as long as they're absolutely sure that it'll give it the performance it needs to beat the competition,so they can charge a premium to offset the production costs related to it.

If it doesn't and a smaller chip can actually put up a fight in performance,and is cheaper to make,and also allows more options from the start(Dual GPU card),then it just screws up the overall plans Nvidia had for Fermi,at least in the early going for the Geforce variant,and i'll be perfectly honest here and say i'm not sure the gaming version will ever be available in high volumes,as long as it's still more expensive to make than the competition.

Nvidia is in business to make money,and if that means that the bulk of Fermi chips go towards the Tesla and Quadro markets,where the profit margins are much larger on each card they sell,then you can bet that's exactly what they'll do.
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