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Default out of these cards which would you buy?

hey guys,

Thanks for all the help before, I am getting really close to upgrading my system. I decided on getting a q9400 quad core ( i figure it will be good for gaming and will help out with my audio work ), upgrading the ram to DDR2 1066 ( that's the fastest I can get with my mobo, currently i have 800 ), and a GTX 260. I have a 550w power supply with 2 12v that combine for 33A

The gtx260 is where I am stuck and i was hoping to get some opinions from you guys. Of the ones listed below, which would you get? Keeping in mind that I play at pretty low resolutions ( 1440x900 ), so I am not taxing out the card
- this card is $200, and it's in stock
- this one has a faster core clock, is $215, but I am not sure about MSI.
-this one is $225, also a fast core clock, and I really like EVGA, but it's really hard to find as it's sold out most places

I guess my question, with my current set up and the lower resolution, will clock speed really be that much of a factor? And if not, should I just go with the $200 card, or is it really really worth the extra $25 on the EVGA and waiting for it to finally get in stock again. Or is MSI a really good company and I should go with that?

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