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Default Re: First benchmarks of GTX 470

Originally Posted by Toss3 View Post
Unless the card is going to be around 600$ you really shouldn't compare it to a 5970(we don't know anything about pricing yet). I'm guessing it's going to be priced right between the 5870 and 5970.
Wish ATi would get their butts into gear with 3D gaming as that might make me switch over to the green team once again.

Put it this way,if they want 600$ for it not so much on the basis of performance,but because it has the Cuda,PhysX and 3D glasses support,i feel they're going to have one hell of an uphill marketing battle on their hands trying to sell these to people who don't really care if an Nvidia or ATI card in their system,they just want the fastest thing.

This has been the pattern for the past 10+ years...No company holds the performance lead forever,it comes and goes,regardless of what marketing depts say from either company,since there's only ATI and Nvidia left basically.....

To be honest,i miss the older days when 3Dfx was still around and matrox also had gamer oriented cards as well as PowerVR,and 5 way video card comparisons between 5 different vendors were fun and completely umpredictable in terms of who was the fastest overall.
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