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"Why are you guys complaining about color and gamma for? The settings are in the drivers"

Wow Evilengine2, I have that colour control applet too !!!

But it sets global colour, not gamma/brightness seperately for D3D, OpenGl and desktop.

Thanks for trying to help, but please read and understand the thread. The users are complaining that one overall gamma setting is not good enough, settings for desktop are too dark for OpenGl and D3D. Increasing gamma for D3D and OpenGl results in a desktop that is too bright.

nvidia drivers are top notch, tell me one card that has better - thcdru2k

No-one is complaining about the drivers. They want extra functionality ie seperate gamma settings for OpenGl, D3D and desktop. 3DFX (God rest their souls) had seperate colour controls, so it can be done, if Nvidia can be bothered.
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