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Post Nearly 20 Optimus Notebooks and Netbooks on Display at CeBit

NVIDIA Optimus technology has been a hit, getting accolades for its unique ability to automatically and seamlessly select the right graphics processor for the job, between an NVIDIA discrete GPU or an Intel integrated GPU. It works with GeForce notebook GPUs and the recently announced next generation ION.

Here at CeBIT nearly 20 different Optimus notebooks and netbooks are on display.
ASUS is showing 12 systems with Optimus Technology in their booth:
  • U30Jc (13.3')
  • UL50Vf (15.6')
  • UL80Jt (14')
  • U33Jc (13.3')
  • U43Jc (14')
  • UL30Jt (13.3')
  • K52Jc (15.6')
  • N82Jv (14')
  • N61Jv (16')
  • N71Jv (17')
  • NX90 (18.4')
  • 1201PN (12.1' with Next Generation NVIDIA Ion)

MSI is showing 2 Optimus notebooks.The new MSI F Series is designed to be professional, slim and powerful, and the FX400 and the FX600 both feature an NVIDIA GeForce 310M GPUs with NVIDIA Optimus technology:

  • FX400 (14')
  • FX600 (15.6').

Clevo is displaying 2 Optimus notebooks in their private meeting room suite:
  • B4100 (14')
  • B5100 (15').
And in NVIDIA's Cebit demo rooms we're showing several of the above ASUS notebooks, plus 2 additional Optimus notebooks - the Medion Akoya P6622 (15.6') with GeForce 310M and the recently announced Acer Aspire One 532g (10') with next generation NVIDIA ION.
Optimus is on a roll.

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