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Default Re: I wana play WoW!

locks are the best imo ive play a lock im currently lvl 50 also got a lvl 64 mage just got arcane blast and molten armor yay.and a lvl 80 dk witch is in all lvl 232 or higher and a lvl 45 pally tank imo if your starting out a lock is my main choice for a char i would stick with demo at first so you can tank with the vw and still do decent dps in dungeons once you hit 40 duel spec into destruction its awsome for dps and demo for your pve needs. there awsome i cant say enough i really stress trying one dont get me wrong pally mages, hunter are all pretty good but i meen you have alot of different and cool things you can do as a lock well by lvl 50 even sooner i think you get 3 fear spells i meen comeon you can own any other class in pvp except rogues because of stealth but ive been doing dungeons now with my dk for a couple months and tbh i rarely see rogues i have a lvl 10 and there not that fun and dont really have anything to bring to a group......but again imo...alot of chars have a group benefit pallys have buffs,mages int and food ,locks summoning and cookies,,,etc so for anyone who hasnt play get the damn game NOW you will love it...........

ps if you have any questions im all horde on nazgrel 80 dk is shatteredsin witch im not on much youll prolly get me on my 64mage wrathofdeath or my new main 50lock demonicsin..........peace
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