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Default Re: I wana play WoW!

OMG jeffmd got me started ...........Im a huge GW fan i love guild wars i got a lvl 20 of every char my fav again would be a necro ironically close to the lock in wow although i havnt been playing the last year or so getting kinda board of doing nothing but sorrows furnace runs ......but i cant wait for gw2 its been what 2yrs or more oh well it better be good people should really try it theres no monthly fee either you should pick up the 1st one to try it or even the 2nd factions or the 3rd nightfall i would suggest the 1st and the eye of the north expansion to get a feel but if you wanna go in order by all meens...................and if you dont wanna get the 1st one when gw2 comes out get it you wont regret it i
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