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Default Re: Realitic time frame for Fermi(not happy with 5870)

Originally Posted by Johnny C View Post
Sorry but since you have a 5870 and it will run everything out there with decent frame rates and AA you can just force 4X SS AA on everything and run it fine....wth are you moaning about...
4x SS destroys framerate in Stalker COP. 4X SS AA is a performance Killer in modern games. Also the ATI drivers have more issues with past games than Nvidia driver which I have not had any issues with. Plus even if you use SS some games refuse to work hence why ATI has to constantly issue Hotfixes. There was even a thread on Rage3d about the AA issues and how Nvidia was able to overcome them in driver while ATI just plain refused to do the same. While I agree Nhancher has made Nvidia drivers better, I have been happy without it, unlike ATI were it's necessary to have to USE ATI TOOLS just to get CCC to work properly.

Originally Posted by Johnny C View Post
CCC is easier to use than NV control panel....the only, and I mean only thing better about nV, nHancer and it's ability to manipulate profiles which has abso****inglutely nothing to do with nVidia.
No way, Nvidia has always had a better driver set than ATI and it's more straight forward. Now if you feel that CCC is better than I will respect your opinion but it's one I will not share until ATI rewrites there driver set to be on par with Nvidia. I don't Think ATI's drivers are crap, but I sure as hell expected more considering what Nvidia has been able to produce. Simply put, CCC has alot more issue than Nvidia's Forceware. You can say that I am incorrect but I spent alot of time reading the problems over at Rage3d and experiencing them myself.

Originally Posted by Toss3 View Post
Sorry to hear that you are having problems, but the 5870 is still a league better than the GTX 260. Nvidia's drivers are better, but without nhancer I'd give the edge to ATI.
Have you tried renaming the exe:s to UT3 or alt-tabbing out of the game and then enable AA? Which games are you having problems with?

EDIT: Forgot to mention this earlier - running d3doverrider seems to fix most of the vsync issues with ati cards.

Agreed, as I said before the 5870 is very powerful hardware no question about that. What good is this power if I can't get certain elements of it to function properly. I am tired of having to wait and see if ATI fixes it in there next driver when I can use a GTX 260 and have it all work right off the bat.

AS for Vsnyc I am aware that the 2 current options are to use; the D3Doverider from rivatuner or use ATI TOOLS which also forces Vsync.

Ultimately I think it's only fair for people to know that when moving over to ATI do not expect the same driver quality that you were getting from Nvidia. Overall for most new games the 5870 does function well, and ATI is quick to patch bugs etc... Just I have had to many issues that I expect to work since Nvidia seems not to be having those problems.
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