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Default Re: First benchmarks of GTX 470

Originally Posted by Sowk View Post
Shadow001 - are you running Crossfire ati 5970's?

That may be my next purchase.

Yup,have been for over 3 months now.....Took a chance really and figured that with this much graphics hardware added up(4 GPU's afterall),i'd not only have to benchmark at extremely high settings,but competitors products would also need to go to the Multi-GPU route to match or beat the overall perforance....It just depends on how many would be needed basically.

Some here were probably expecting that a single GTX480 would match or beat an HD5970 card based on all the hype with fermi having 3 billion transistors,and being a new architecture,and the benchmark results being kept a secret not to warn ATI of the impending armageddon that is Fermi.

Looks like reality is starting to kick in with the performance numbers shown so far,even when using a benchmark that benefits Fermi's strong points,and presented in that Nvidia video no less,and i'm not that shabby in that department to say the least.
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