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Default Re: First benchmarks of GTX 470

More information regarding the GTX480 cards this time:

The GTX 480 performance is round abot 5 to 10 percent higher than the HD 5870, is (really) special cases (lot of Tessellation, less texture and shader-effects) up to 40 or 50 percent higher.
The TDP of the 480 is between 250 and 290 watts (differ in who you ask), 470 probably between 180 and 200 Watts.
The 470 is 9.5 inches long, the 480 10.5 inches.
At the beginning round about 5,000 cards going to reach the market, later up to 10,000 - not more. Anytime!

So it seems only on heavy tesselated situations is where Fermi Shines best,with a 5~10% performance lead over the HD5870 cards in shader/texturing bound scenarios,with the power use being 250 to 290 watts and no more than 15000 of these cards will ever reach the market supposedly.

Even if you wanted one?....Good luck on finding it.

Looks like charlie was right on all counts afterall.
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