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Default Re: First benchmarks of GTX 470

I'm not surprised by the less than stellar numbers regarding the GTX470. It's like I said on another thread, if Nvidia's numbers stomped the crap out of ATI, we would have heard about them in January. In marketing, it is well known that Dec through Feb are the biggest retail money making months of the year (due to Christmas and tax returns). Nvidia has lost serious market share to ATI over the past three months. Die hard Nvidia enthusiasts, such as myself have actually considered purchasing an ATI product. I have NEVER owned nor considered one before.... and if I'm thinking about it, then those entry level geeks would have no problem switching brands. If Nvidia had incredible numbers to release, they would have already done it to prevent any further market share loss to their company as well as expansion and recognition of the ATI/AMD brand. However, in the current economic climate, no question, I am taking a hard look at the 5870. Like I've said before, if Nvidia really has the goods, then I will eat crow and recommend that Nvidia terminate their entire marketing department.
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