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Default Re: Realitic time frame for Fermi(not happy with 5870)

Originally Posted by Toss3 View Post
Would someone ban this troll already? You just needed to rename the me2.exe to ut3.exe in order to enable AA. Guess your IQ didn't allow you to do a simple google search. Also you need to enable catalyst AI to enable crossfire so I'm guessing you don't really have two 5870 at all.
Btw. nvidia didn't have an sli profile for ME2 either when it launched and there was a lot of people who had problems with SLI AA(nhancer took care of it though).
I know that i could rename me2.exe to ut3.exe but i simply don't want to cause i paid ****ing $800 expecting from AMD/ATI to make it work without doing hacks. AI is enabled, i am saying that you couldn't do a ****ing thing with crossfire profiles, pretty much wait for ATI to release a fix. Now they have these updates on Crossfire which is still useles, they don't even say for what games and also their profiler is joke.
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