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Default Re: First benchmarks of GTX 470

Originally Posted by shadow001 View Post
We'll see what they do if those numbers are accurate,and in any case if they really intend on only making 15 000 cards in total on this first generation of fermi,it doesn't really have a big effect on their bottom line if they only sell at prices to break even with the actual production cost of each card,as the volumes produced are low anyhow,so they wouldn't be making a lot of money even if it sold at a healthy profit margin.

Put it this way,If nvidia sold the 15 000 cards with a 100$ profit margin on each one,that comes to 1.5 million net profit,which sounds like a lot a first,until you realise that the company as a whole,makes 300 million net profit every quarter on average,(3 month period),for all it's operations combined....That 1.5 million amounts to a drop inn the bucket basically.

The other aspect is that Hell_of_Doom will buy anything Nvidia makes,regardless of how it performs....
Not really. I bought two of HD5870 hoping that ATI/AMD turned things around with CCC and drivers in general. These cards don't perform as i expected and as Customer i am disappointed. Again they will find another use, like streaming movies for my other computer and one of them goes to bro who got old 8800GT. Nvidia never failed me except with 5000 series.
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