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Default Re: SLOW 1 gbit LAN nforce 650i

tytanic, did you figure it out? I'm having a similar issue but it's on Win7 32bit. I looked at Perf Mon and see a lot of receive errors but no xmit errors. I can replicate the problem every time when I'm pulling a file from my dlink NAS. A 1GB file should take about 2 min or so but now its reporting hours. If I pull the same 1GB file from a diff computer running XP it only takes a couple of mins. Now, the weird thing is if I go back to the Win7 machine and pull a 1GB file from a PC on the same network(5 port GB switch) it behaves fine as far as downloads. I can't say its the NAS box because other PCs are not having the issue and its hard to say its the NIC because I can pull large files from other sources with no problem. Uploading files is no problem, BTW. I've replaced the switch with a new spare, no improvement.
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