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Default Re: 195.3x Driver, Low Graphics Mode, Strange Xorg Error

Originally Posted by hoerstes View Post
I am giving up. Acually I have problems with the NVIDIA drivers after nearly every Kernel upgrade, but until now I figured these out by myself. Not this time. I read the forum Sticky just in case I made some fundamental mistakes, I tried Google and Ubuntu Forums but no success. I tried the 195.30 and also the new 195.36 driver.
The Problem is that my System running Kubuntu is only starting the X Server in Low Graphics Mode.
/var/log/Xorg.0.log is giving me a strange error where even a Google search finds only 3 Sites:

I attach the generated bug log in hope someone can point me in the right directon.


edit: I am sorry I posted in the wrong section, post was meant to be in the NVIDIA Linux section
Attach the whole Xorg log please.

I just had a problem with installing the 195.36.08 driver and on boot i got the same message. But the interesting part was BEFORE the latest lines - the module version mismatch - the previously installed version's kernel module was loaded.

But i was able to start gdm if i removed the nvidia module from memory (sudo rmmod nvidia) and then started gdm.

After a bit of googling turned out the kernel module was not updated in minitramfs and on boot the old module was loaded from it.

Solution was:

1. Install the driver
2. Log in in text mode (i use Debian, there is no fallback X), and issue the following command in theminal:

sudo update-initramfs

3. Reboot.

Try it, maybe it wil work for you too. It doesnt break anything.

Edit: stay away from 195.36.08 for now, there might be some issues with it - in Windows sme guys had their cards fried by the 196.75 driver that seemingly has similar changes to 195.36.08.
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