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Originally Posted by Son Goku View Post
Actually not true at all. Though one can be asked to link an achi for a VoA, ICC, or TotC; fact is that with emblems of triumph being delled out from all the heroic bosses, 2 frosts being given out for the daily heroic, and another 5 for the weekly raid (which is almost always rofl Naxx, and in this I'm finding Anub'Rekhan to be very, very boring at this point); this is the current deal.

Farm heroics, purchase tier 9 off emblems, well the iLvl 232 variant.
With other triumph gear, there's a couple iLvl 245 items one can get (ring, trinket, etc). Downgrading one can get a belt from conquest

Now what one can't get there, they can farm ICC 5 man, and get iLvl 232 off heroics, though a lucky drop on a battered hilt is an iLvl 251 or there abouts weap.

It really is too easy these days. One doesn't really even have to hit up a raid anymore to hit tier 9ish lvl gear anymore. Now with 14 frosts per week (the daily heroic), one could also have got a few emblem of frost gears by now (such as the cloak, or some starting tier 10, a belt, etc. It's also not impossible to find an odd VoA group (they might not be the most common) that will take one who doesn't have the achi if their gear is OK to a tier 10 boss. Course knowing people also helps.

And as of having posted this, I have yet another char I got to almost 5k gear score, pretty much farming heroics, practically all of which was in PuGs/ and this time was over on a PvP realm.... Now if the random dungeon finder is getting groups that are voting you out after doing the match making, simply because an alt doesn't have the achi to some stupid 5 man And no comment on some. I've been in so many PuGs where my hunter was pulling > 40% or even a few times like 47% of the DPS/damage for the 5 man party; I simply couldn't take those remotely seriously anymore. However when many can pull > 4.5k or even 5k dps in a 5 man, some are simply being difficult (all aren't as such), if they get anal on something as ridiculously simple as a h VH or whatever In fact, it's sometimes all too tempting to play around a little, especially as one can pull threat and kill stuff before it reaches one's feet, take ridiculous sized pulls (certainly with a tank going into a 5 man with nearly 50k hp), etc. Now wanting an achi to a place that actually is a challenge; but seriously outside of the ICC 5 man heroics, we're practically at the point where we were when kara wasn't a serious raid anymore, and was little more then a joke/the new badge farming heroic. People are just way OP for them with all the gear out there now, even with a new char or 2, just starting to gear... I've seen plenty of PuGs through the random dungeon finder where well, they simply aren't.

It's certainly doable, and I've met more then a few of the same opinion. We simply don't do heroic 5 mans on our geared chars anymore, unless we're:

- helping a guildie
- helping a friend
- going after an achievement
- doing the daily heroic for frosts (triumphs being practically useless)
- just want something to pass the time
- gearing a newer alt

Otherwise, the idea of bothering could be a lil zzzz
This was before the dungeon finder,atleast before i discovered and started using it but now its all about gs instead.I understand it to some extent,that people do need a certain level gear for some raids.But when people want 5300 gs + for naxx ? Gear that makes that gamescore possible wasnt even around when naxx was played often,i find that retarded.

Today a joker wanted 5200 gs for obsidian sanctum of all places I have 2 chars close to 5500 gs now but the idea of lining up in middle dalaran for gear inspeaction like some silly covert military op just makes me cringe,wont partake in something that assenine.
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