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Default Re: Is it possible to connect ps3 to pc display?

Originally Posted by HiCZoK4 View Post
Is there a difference in quality between VGA cables for 360?

There is standard VGA from M$ and cheaper from Big Ben.

I am asking this question becouse ... idk... I think I have 360 a heart. and there is plenty of more games for it(also cheaper) and I dont play multiplayer so I might get 360.
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I will put it this way. I have bought 3rd party cables and had issues with signal quality (not HDMI cables, I am talking about analog ones). The colors would be off or the picture would be fuzzy.

I have never had an issue with official MS/Sony cables for component/vga/composite. If you're going HDMI though, just get a cheap cable of monoprice. They work great.
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