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If I'm reading this correctly, the cap has nothing whatever to do with screen refresh rates. If you have a different refresh rate, then you will see the same frame refreshed on your monitor two or more times in some instances. There's no timing relationship between the engine calculating position and providing detail via the video card to the frame buffer and refresh rate, and further, I don't think there's any timing relationship in this case between the data the engine feeds the VC and the frames the VC provides the frame buffer...I think (maybe mistaken) that although the card might not get any new positional data from the engine, it may still, in fact, render another frame with the same data. If you enable v-sych, then the same thing as above occurs, only you lose the half-images that result when the frame buffer outputs two frames for the same refresh on the monitor (tearing). You will still see differences between cards as they will obviously not maintain 60fps in this title until, perhaps, 2005 or so. Even in that case, you will still have the IQ to throw in the equation.
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