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Default Re: Realitic time frame for Fermi(not happy with 5870)

Originally Posted by Xion X2 View Post
No offense, but I grow weary of those who expect ATI and the CCC to function just like the Nvidia control panel.

In regards to AA "not working" for Nvidia guys who have migrated to ATI...

AA works in most games just fine for ATI, but there's a certain way you have to set your options in the CCC. It doesn't work like the Nvidia CP where you can simply force it from the control panel in every application. ATI and Nvidia are two entirely separate companies with separate applications/implementations for graphics settings.

If you want to switch camps, that's fine, as Nvidia has some nice drivers and products. I'm just giving you the heads up that it's probably some settings that you have wrong. I've very rarely had an issue with ATI not running AA in a game or not being able to get vsync to work (no vsync is a side effect from forcing AA in the CCC when it's not supposed to be, by the way.)

In all fairness, it's not entirely the user's fault. ATI should have some sort of readme or instruction file in the driver set that explains how their AA works.
Actually I purchased the card the day you made that thread and was probably was one of the first to read it. I first want to thank you for your informative thread as I thought that was a great contribution seeing as many members haere have jump to ATI for the 5XXX series. Non the less the issues I and many others have had were not resolved regardless of what settings were used in CCC. Fact is when I had the Nvidia Card issues were small and manageable. With ATI this is the first Time I felt gypped considering how much I payed for this card. Now I have to wait till 10.4 sometime in April in hope that these issues are fixed.
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