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Default Re: Do You LIke Or Use Ubuntu? - Read This!

I used ubuntu since 7.10 - both Gnome and Xfce - until 9.10 came out. Since i switched to debian testing and happy with it.

Ubuntu pros
- great, if not *the* best Linux live CD (the included installer is a good move IMO)
- many preinstalled programs, not only graphical, but the Linux administration programs aswell
- includes OOTB most firmware and the hardware drivers (jockey) program is very useful for beginners
- the 6 months upgrade cycle means staying up to date with kernels, and programs in general
- easy to use out of the box, it had most stuff i needed preinstalled
- large software repository + many PPAs, many programs are developed for Ubuntu

Ubuntu cons

- the 6 months upgrade cycle is a roller coaster of upgrading/reinstalling/customising your OS - i got tired of this
- the "stable" versions are *not* stable when launched, they are bug filled, only after 1-2 months are stabilised (well most of them) - they even may include serious bugs that might lead to data loss
- the dist-upgrades might break the system or some of its features might not work correctly, leading to frustration
- the developers have their own idea of doing things, not listening to the users - PulseAudio, new notifications system etc.
- the tight integration of PulseAudio and breaking sound in many older applications (most games i played included, wine also) - in contrast in Debian i use PulseAudio with bluetooth handsfree and all apps work with sound, be it old or new.
- many PPAs that have a mix of unrelated applications in them - this can lead to broken dependency system if not used with care - and for users with less experience may be a showstopper

Well, Ubuntu is stable most of time, i very rarely seen X server breaking or serious stuff like this, when set up right it works like its expected. But the frequent version upgrades are a real headache, almost surely something breaks because of them and needs time to repair and get around it.

I switched to Debian because i wanted a relatively up-to-date system with rolling upgrades.
And i found that there are fewer repos than in Ubuntu containing most of those packages, making life easier. The sound works well in all lapplications. However its a bit more time consuming to set it up (fewer out-of-the-box applications), but once done its really stable, everything works. And you *can* install packages made for Ubuntu if you know your way around the dependency system.
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