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Post WeeklyTube Issue 27: PhysX video overview

Geforce GTX 480 running Supersonic Sled 2 by PCGamesHardware

Supersonic Sled demo sequence from Cebit 2010. But this time it's showcases sled collision with obstacle, consisting of several destructible boxes and barrels, spawned on the rails. Number of generated physical debris is inspiring.

Esenthel RPG 2 by Esenthel

Playable demo of Esenthel game engine. Includes well tuned ragdolls and cloth simulation for character skirt, all PhysX SDK based.

CubeTop ' Demo[HD] by burningxoul

3D virtual desktop similar to BumpTop. Used Direct3D and PhysX.

PhysX Dicycle test 01 by lukaskusnier

Dicycle (vehicle with two wheels parallel to each other) simulation with PhysX SDK.

PhysX: Simple crane (soft body cable) by Ambakapu

Crane with a load, rope is using PhysX softbody feature.

Loincloth by dera00007777

Animated character with PhysX clothing, simulated in Maya.

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