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Default Re: Official World of Warcraft Thread

Originally Posted by lognoronon View Post
Things like that get me mad. Those raids were meant to be done in heroic level gear not require TOC or above to do something as simple as say Patchwerk.
Agreed,i also think they should remove frost emblems from heroic dungeons because many raid-guilders wants to rush them through as fast as possible,skipping bosses etc to get their 2 emblems.They whine and complain,calling people n00bs and that things take too long ,people's dps sucks etc.

Ofc people's dps sucks when they just ding 80,you dont need more than 2k anyway in most hc's but they are there for a reason.They are for the so called n00bs,to learn and to improve their gear,to get ready for tougher challenges.I despise the elitist snobs and the way they scare people off by acting like douches.Thats the worst part with this game,you can't even ask for help in the public channels without being ridiculed in one way or another .
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