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Default Re: Shutting down every 15 minutes

Originally Posted by nV`andrew View Post
Well I set everything to Auto and it's been stable in windows all day. I'm going to try and play dragon age and see how long it goes.

My temps are fairly good. However, motherboard temps (not sure if its northbridge or southbridge, probably north because the heatsink feels loose) can get up into the 80s. However, it has been like this for awhile and never posed a problem. I have AS5 and new zalman heatsinks(in case re-applying paste doesn't work) coming in the mail but it'll likely be a good week til then :/

Any suggestions or tips on trying to get my OC back?

EDIT: Gonna try to run memtest now as well
+80f or +80c?

+80c is extremely hot.
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