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Default Re: VDPAU testing tool

Licaon, I can't reproduce the corruption you're seeing on the VC-1 (WMV) test clip using qvdpautest (nor MPlayer), using essentially the same GPU. I don't recall anyone else reporting this corruption. Perhaps you have flakey hardware, e.g. a bad power-supply or something?

Re: The 8600 GT issue on the 3D Stereo H.264 Lossless video: (a) I can't download the file because I can't access file-sharing sites; can you please upload it to the NVIDIA File drop mentioned in the sticky post. (b) Judging by your description of the file, VDPAU probably doesn't support this format. However, we still shouldn't crash. When you say your system restarts, do you mean that the X server exits and restarts, the entire system restarts (you see the BIOS boot screen), or something else? Does the system hang at all before this happens? If so, how long? Thanks.
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