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Default Re: First benchmarks of GTX 470

Originally Posted by Enrico_be View Post
[i]Hmm didn't know where exactly to post this ...[

If you take the text above in mind and then see that on the gaming side, 470 & 480 are on par and the 480 even faster than the highest single GPU's of ATI I must say Nvidia has done a good job, I'm sold A graphics card that takes you to a higher gaming level + GPGPU performance for applications, me like

That's what i've been thinking from the very start to be honest,ever since ATI launched the HD5*** series last september,Nvidia followed that one week later,by revealing the GP-GPU capabilities of fermi,without a single mention of it's gaming potential up until fairly recently,so it's given me the impression that it's primarily a GP-GPU,that also has the ability to run games above all else.

The overall focus of the card is based on that principle,so the question is,with Nvidia believing that the gaming market on the PC is going further down,does this mean that from now on,their focus on the gaming performance is no longer the highest priority anymore?
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