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Default Re: Realistic time frame for Fermi (not happy with 5870)

Originally Posted by Ninja Prime View Post
I'm still not convinced they have real tesselation hardware, it is really hot, it has one of the first stock direct contact heatpipe coolers and a 1.8 amp 12v fan, compared to a normal fan like the 5870s, which is a 0.8 amp fan. It eats more power than anything else in its performance class, it eats more power per unit of performance than the competition, it requires a better powersupply with higher power ratings than previous generations and the competition does. They did miss their clocks, they are 625MHz, target was 750MHZ. All these things are true.

So, are you just being a blind fanboy or what? I'm curious as to why these things are out there now for everyone to see, but for some reason you don't believe them?
Why don't you ease off on the name calling Ninja. Vardant has his preferences and his own reason to state what he believes just like you have, leave him to it, he hasn't called you out and you shouldn't either.

Can we all calm down just a little bit thanks. I know its the silly season and its fun to speculate/have a discussion but, we should do it a manner with less of the name calling, certainly stop ourselves from goading and being rude to each other.

Let's all try to keep things civilized thanks.
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