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Default Re: Realistic time frame for Fermi (not happy with 5870)

Originally Posted by Ninja Prime View Post
I'm still not convinced they have real tesselation hardware, it is really hot, it has one of the first stock direct contact heatpipe coolers and a 1.8 amp 12v fan, compared to a normal fan like the 5870s, which is a 0.8 amp fan. It eats more power than anything else in its performance class, it eats more power per unit of performance than the competition, it requires a better powersupply with higher power ratings than previous generations and the competition does. They did miss their clocks, they are 625MHz, target was 750MHZ. All these things are true.

So, are you just being a blind fanboy or what? I'm curious as to why these things are out there now for everyone to see, but for some reason you don't believe them?
Must of this simply isn't true, so I won't even bother to argue about it EDITED by MUYA Less of the calling out /goading please

/e: I'm sorry. So I'll argue instead Not about the real tesselation hardware thing though Obviously it isn't hot because the GTX 470 has a worst case TDP of 225W, also this could be seen (or heard and felt) at the Cebit. Just because the fan can draw 1,8A at max load, that doesn't mean it will. All GTX 400 at the Cebit have not been loud. The GTX 280 had a 0,48A fan - so it was way more silent that a 5870? Also, this doesn't have to be the reference design, I think like the final clocks it wasn't sure at this time. Since the real world performance isn't clear yet, nobody can say how much power they will consume in relation to their performance. If they use 10 or 20W more than an ATI card than that actually isn't much and one has to keep the cards' featureset in mind. The same is true for the power supplies (don't focus on power supply recommendations but rather on how many amps are required), a GTX 285 required 40A, the 5870 requires 40A, the GTX 480 seems to require 42A so the GTX 470 will be en par with the other cards - how good or bad this is again depends on real world performance. The final clock speeds aren't even known yet.
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