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Default Re: VDPAU testing tool

Originally Posted by Stephen Warren View Post
There's presumably an option to select which H.264 profile to encode into. Pick a supported value (right now, it's High 4:4:4, but VDPAU only supports 4:2:0 profiles such as baseline/main/high). There might be an explicit 4:4:4/lossless option that's selected, which needs to be disabled.
To try to clarify:
The sample is encoded with "Predictive lossless coding" (lossless H264) in 4:2:0. Predictive lossless coding is - according to Wikipedia - only part of a profile called "High 4:4:4 Predictive Profile" (but has nothing to do with chroma subsampling format 4:4:4 per se).
libavcodec does not support other chroma subsampling formats than 4:2:0 (as VDPAU), but supports Predictive lossless coding (for 4:2:0).
Given that the patch that added support to libavcodec (r16171) isn't that huge, I wonder if it is really impossible to add support to PureVideo/VDPAU.

Carl Eugen
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