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Default Re: nVidia unveil at Pax East

Originally Posted by pkirby11 View Post
Depends in the case of NVIDIA I would have been out a little money if it fried my Vid card but I probably would have been pissed and maybe tried the other guys for a while. Same with Toyota except you can't really compare that to NVIDA. I won't buy a Toyota for a long while now, we're talking a life and death screw up. People have died because of this, this wasn't your typical screw up, can't compare.

My point is this isn't the first time NVIDIA has put out bad drivers, nor will it be the last. Both companies have had their issues, I don't really truly think you can say one is better than the other. One may be better than the other for a time but it switches. I like both companies and have had hits and misses on both. Can't say that I've had more misses with one company or the other truly too.
i would never buy toyota, because of the death killer. a few people are already dead around here because of the peddles, and it was a 2010 and a few 2001s, they should just close the doors because i think its the end for them. okok i do have to say that if the peddle thing never happend, they are great cars, i mean look at the new FT-86 coming out, its hot
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