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Default Re: Official Assassin's Creed II Thread

Originally Posted by NarcissistZero View Post
Yeah, I was surprised... I usually dislike DoF but in this game it is used well... subtle and distant, not too blurry, just a general distance blur. Looks good... most games use it far more abrasively and make it look like crap.

Also forcing 16xAF makes the game look a LOT better in an instant... thank God for PC gaming.

Still think it looks "boxier" than the original.
I'll force AF from the ATI CP and see how that looks. Hoping ATI releases a hotfix set for AC2 with like 20% improvment. Not that it runs bad, it runs well but I always like more fps.

Have you noticed the occaisional "chugs"? Seems the DRM checks in the background affect performance a bit. Some people dropped all settings and resolution and found to have the same performace they have maxed out.
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