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Default Re: Official Assassin's Creed II Thread

Yup, this game is exceptional.

Whoa, the game has income and money management, nice! Game is pretty much open now, though some missions force you to use certain weapons by magically disabling others.

Not much fear factor in this game as it appears to be set on Easy difficulty with no way to change it. Perhaps later on the difficulty ramps up a fair bit? Game seems like a total cake walk so far.

Absolutely love the pickpocketeurs. Brilliant idea forcing one to use roof tops more often to help avoid these pesky buggers.

I very much suck at finding the feathers and sadly a look at the PDF owners manual pretty much spoiled what the feathers are eventually for, I think.

So is throwing money the only way (distraction) to get in here with out killing anyone? I know prostitutes are another method but there never seem to be any around.

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