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Default Re: SLOW 1 gbit LAN nforce 650i

hmm, i checked again cpu usage and take a look.....
I dont have jumpo packet option in nvidia driver and also dont have it in standard windows 7 driver......
As yu see, graph with NETWORK shows max 100mbits, and Local Area Conn shows 1Gbit and uses only 50 mbits
I thing that i sould buy external pci network gigabit card, because there is no solution to this problem - i will wait meaby a one more week - see if anybody will figure something out

As you see i dont have option where can i set MTU (jumbo size), but i will try to set this from cmd line.
But first i need to set the same mtu under my linux ftp server (and ifconfig eth0 mtu 4000 doesnt working so i have to check this later

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