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Default Re: Official Assassin's Creed II Thread

QUOTE=Crow_Nest;2205969]You can also hire thieves and soldiers to distract guards later in the game. You will also gain a poison blade upgrade for your hidden blade that will also serve as a distraction.[/quote]

How will having a poison sleeve blade enable me to sneak in there with zero fighting? I would still have to approach and attack them, soon as I take one out the other 2 would attack on site.

I tried the throwing knives but same thing, if you kill one from a far, the other 2 come immediately after you. Seems throwing knives are only really useful for killing lone enemies.

Perhaps stealth is not a strong point in this sequel? Matter of fact, every boss assassination I've done so far has been an unavoidable, big mess fight instead of smooth, professional, stealthy hit. Maybe the lack of Blend button is partial cause of this?

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