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Default Re: FreeBSD-amd64 driver ?

I finally resolved the FreeBSD + 64bit + Dell D630 + >= 4GB of RAM issue!

So, I'm running 8-STABLE (works w/ 8-RELEASE as well, I checked) and on a D630 which uses an NVS135M and I have 8GB of RAM. As others have experienced, Everything works just fine and dandy with 2GB but as soon as 4 or more go in then everything goes to hell. Just completely disabling ACPI causes many other problems to show up as well so that's not really a solution.

After looking through logs from the working Linux install and comparing them to the FreeBSD logs, I was able to narrow down the system resource conflict. It appears that the FreeBSD kernel is reserving the memory needed by BAR1 to another resource first, where as on Linux, the card is getting the resource first and the other system component can't get it's resources. I haven't been able to track down exactly what piece of hardware is causing the conflict, but I have been able to work around it. By setting:


in the loader.conf, then you still get all the rest of the ACPI system but the conflicting resource is disabled. After I set that then everything worked like a champ. FreeBSD + Dell D630 + 8GB RAM + NVidia driver = happy times now.
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