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Default Re: The Playstation Move!

Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
The ball has to be there for the device to be as accurate as it is. It works in the same way that motion capture techology does. The ps eye tracks it to know where exactly the player is. Oh and the ball can have it's color changed. The system automatically picks a color that it doesn't see in the room.

I don't really care much for this. I didn't see anything shown off that makes me want to even purchase one. Only positive thing I can think of is that due to it's accuracy and responsivness it could provide the mouse like controls without the mouse. This system is far more advanced then the wiimote.
well I'll keep an open mind. I'm finally giving my PS3 some love, so if this thing really works I'll get one. I'll look like a douche if it's fun.
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