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Default Re: Quadro FX 880M Stability Problems

Is there an underlaying difference between changing brightness in a Virtual Terminal with the brightness keys and changing brightness in X11 with brightness keys (with that line added to xorg.conf)?

The reason I'm asking is that the backlight makes a constant high-pitched noise when the brightness is changed in X11 using this method, but this does not occur when it is changed in the Virtual Terminal (which worked before addling that line to xorg.conf). I can change the brightness in VT and switch back to X11 without the noise being produced. I thought this may be occuring because the VT was a mostly black screen, but I've tried drawing a picture to framebuffer and then changing the brightness in VT. The noise did not occur. Is there a difference in the VT's and X11's graduations for brightness settings? It seems that the noise is improper, like a hardware component being stressed.

So is that line only a workaround until a better solution is found, or are T510 laptops simply going to be added to a whitelist of devices that should use the nVidia driver to set brightness?

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