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Default Re: 60Hz vs. 120Hz vs. 240Hz TVs

Originally Posted by Toss3 View Post
As someone already mentioned it's not a real refresh rate, but a 60Hz signal interpolated to 240Hz. What you want is a TV that is 3D ready, like Panasonic's upcoming plasma series.
Just note that not all new Panasonic plasmas will be supporting 3D, only the high-end VT series.

I do know that the new Philips 8000 and 9000 series LCDs support 3D, and the 8000 series is relatively inexpensive as part of their mainstream series. I'm considering waiting for it myself.

Any Panasonic owners that have noticed the blacks going grey on your sets? Apparently Panasonic has confirmed this issue, but are doing nothing to fix it(link).
They said that the issue's gonna be fixed in the next series though.
It was enough to make me wait for the G20 series, but I really think it was overblown. It was a co-worker who pointed this issue out to me, thinking it was limited to 2009 plasmas when I was considering buying one. He himself has a 2008 plasma and never noticed it on his own, and was surprised when he found some time later that the issue also affected his. He never noticed it despite being a technology buff.

On a side note, those 600hz plasmas don't actually output 600hz images. I believe the screen update rate is in the region of 96-100hz for the higher end series whereas the 600hz number comes from an internal clockrate. That is, the actual image processing chip goes through 600 frames per second, but they don't all end up on screen.
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