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Default Re: [SPC] XFX GTX480 up for Preorder! Pricing revealed!

I just don't look for the GTX 470 to be $299,If nvidia is haveing problems with low yields,and if they are going to have 1280Gb of GDDR5,I just don't see them selling that cheap.I wanted nvidia this time around ,but I think they are just haveing to many problems with the chip,To make it fast it is probally going to run hot ,and that means a loud fan.I wanted a quite system this time ,when I had my TRI SLI GTX280 OCX ,even going up to 50% I could hear them over all my other fans.They were great chips tho I could run anything I wanted.I going with ATI this time around .I may wish that I had waited but I look for the GTX 480 to be a hard card to find ,which means the price will be more the $600.If it is just 10% to 15% faster then the HD5870 then I want be worry about my decission.I bought two of the new Gigabyte HD5870 with the two fans on then and they are very quite and I ran bench marks stressing the card and it very seldom gets to 50c with the fan running at 23%.But I have turn the fan up to 70% and I still can't hear the card.This is the first time I have ever ran a cross-fire system so I will have to get used to how it works.I will not pre order nothing ever again ,it always ended in failure.the cards I have ,have no trouble running at 900/1300 they would probally go higher if ati overdrive went higher.I think just running them at stock will be plenty fast enough to run any game at least now anyway.
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