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Default Re: First benchmarks of GTX 470

If they are just going to make 15,000 total for the GTX470 and GTX480 ,Good luck in ever getting one and I look for The price to be real high ,why would nvidia sell them for such a low price if they know they are not going to make very many ,even if the GTX 480 is $800 some nvidia person will pay that much for it just to have it.Really think about it 15,000 cards world wide,they will be almost impossible to find .ATi said back when there cards was'nt that good they were going to focus on the main stream cards and was'nt worrying about haveing the fastest video card.Now that they made a good card starting with the 3800 series and got better with the 4800 series and has a real winner with the 5800 series.I look for nvidia to turn it around after a few bad parts ,at least in power usage and heat,and being a 3 billion transistor card that on paper should have destroy the HD5870 IMO.By next year they may have it turned around or they may not care if they want to focus on smller graphics like phones and note pads.They have money ,they not in the red like ATI was .I went with two HD5870's this time around and I don't understand why people says there drivers suck,I don't like how the CCC is set and never have but I have not had any problems playing games.I really have no more problems with ATI drivers then I did with nvidia drivers.It just that I am used to nvidia control pannel.I know why but nvidia should let you use there card for physX and ATi card as your main card.Intead of makeing them where they want work, unless there is a hack I don't know about.
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