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Default Re: First benchmarks of GTX 470

Originally Posted by Muppet View Post
Where has it been posted they are only making 15,000 470's. I would find that impossible to believe considering all the money they would have pumped into getting Fermi up and running. Not from semi inaccurate I hope.

Well,suposedly,and again this is just a rumor of course,seems there's a B1 revision of Fermi in the works which is the one Nvidia will produce in high volumes in Q2,so it doesn't make sence to make the A3 stepping in large volumes

Now what are the changes in the B1 revision i have no clue,but it's a given that we can assume higher performance compared to the A3 revision(higher clocks perhaps?),since ATI has a refresh lineup coming out soon,and has even EOL'd their current lineup,meaning brands carrying ATI cards,can't order any more of the current ones,only the refresh versions due out in april.
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